New Zealand is acknowledged as one of the worlds leading suppliers of high-quality pine. It also has the most advanced technology for clearwood production. All 1.8 million hectares of New Zealands plantations are renewable and nearly half are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ) certified. New Zealand’s pine forests are highly productive and expanding – a rarity on the global scene.
The even texture and moderate density of New Zealand pine, combined with its ease of processing, make it one of the most attractive and versatile industrial wood species. New Zealand pine has been developed and refined by foresters and scientists as the worlds most versatile wood. This has been achieved by combining outstanding skills in research and evelopment, forest management, harvesting and processing.
Through good silvicultural management, New Zealand pine logs come in a range of qualities capable of yielding lumber grades to meet almost any requirement. Sawn New Zealand pine dries easily and can be kiln dried rapidly from green. The wood can be readily treated with preservative to achieve all desired durability levels.
XHT Limited is a New Zealand local compay. Our company located in New Zealands largest port city-Auckland in the Southern Hemisphere. For over 20 years of operating history we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the timber industry. XHT is able to provide the most appropriate level of the timber to meet all customer needs.

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